Abandoned Layaway Sale!

Douglas Furs is excited to announce that our popular “Abandoned Layaway” sale is making a comeback! Trust me, this is one event you don’t want to miss, so make sure to stop by our Raleigh location (at 6019-B Glenwood Ave) this Thursday through Saturday (August 8th – 10th)

I know, I know, it seems kind of crazy to even consider purchasing a fur when it’s 90°…. but summer is actually the best time of year to buy a fur—when it’s HOT outside, our prices are LOW!

Many people think that “it doesn’t get cold enough to wear fur during North Carolina’s winters,” but Douglas Furs has an impressive selection of what I like to call “Fifty Degree Furs” meaning any garment you can wear when it’s 50° or less! This includes reversible fur rain jackets, sporty vests, and ponchos… all part of our “Cloud Collection” because they are so lightweight! 

Douglas Furs’ Abandoned Layaway sale is the perfect time to find the fur of your dreams. But exactly is an “abandoned layaway” sale?

Well, Douglas Furs offers interest-free layaway plans to make it more affordable to own a fur. People enter into layaway programs with the best of intentions, but sometimes things happen… Occasionally a customer, for one reason or another, is not able to fulfill their end of the deal and can no longer make payments towards the garment. Instead of putting that garment back on the rack at full retail price, Douglas Furs offers it to you at a steep discount! Any money that had been applied towards that garment is passed on to the next customer as extra savings!

So bring a couple girlfriends to Douglas Furs and have fun trying on and modeling some beautiful furs! Call us at 919-782-2165 if you have any questions!